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Suppliers - Working together

This page is intended for potential suppliers and therefore only available in English.

Working together 

Working together in the entire fashion chain, that’s what it’s all about!  Every link – from material supplier to retailer – needs to contribute to ensure that every link in the chain benefits from working together. Our ambition of turning Vadotex into a successful fashion company stands or falls with the supply of good products.  And we can certainly not do this on our own, we need our suppliers.  After all, they don’t just function as suppliers in the classic meaning of the word, but they also think along with us and act as scouts and partners.  This is why we aim for open, long term relationships, where mutual respect and trust are key focus points.

Vadotex and suppliers

Vadotex develops, designs, produces and distributes affordable home- & sleepwear, both for the wholesale and the specialised retail trade. What can Vadotex offer you as a supplier? We are a fashion organisation as fashion organisations were meant to be: always in motion and working on the future. As a supplier you don’t need to go searching – Vadotex has already done this for you. We have all sorts of new products and trends. We offer a meeting place for people and cultures, trends and traditions, a sample of what the world has on offer where home- & sleepwear is concerned. We are your partner for exploiting the European market; your eyes and ears; we will constantly keep you informed regarding the latest market trends and developments.

We can’t realise our ambitions by ourselves – our suppliers are of the utmost importance in this process. Together with our permanent core suppliers we can turn every creative idea into a successful production line within the scope of our brands.

Vadotex believes in long term relationships with all its suppliers; not just where the clothing is concerned, but also with (logistical) service providers. The economy may be good or bad, our order levels can be exceptionally high one season and perhaps quite low the next. Our relationships can’t suffer as a result of this, but need to be continued in a stable manner. Together we need to continue to surprise customers with a constantly changing assortment of concepts and products. The right product, at the right place, at the right time.


In order to realise long term relationships, we prefer to do business with suppliers who:

  • Are specialised in a specific facet, for example certain materials or certain print techniques.Our belief is that suppliers who can do everything, can’t excel at anything;
  • Have a great deal of experience with clothing production and export, especially for and to the European market;
  • Abide by agreements entered into, follow our guidelines and anticipate future requirements.Suppliers should not need to be reminded of agreements made, but should have a proactive attitude.

We firmly believe that all links in the chain – manufacturer, sales agent, importer, logistical service provider, retail trader and consumer – can benefit from fast and correct communication and quick reactions to new market developments.This does require a well organised chain and all links need to be tuned to each other. Our price levels aren’t the only things which need to match, our way of working too.Products will be supplied under the Vadotex name or another private label.Vadotex doesn’t buy goods under the name of its suppliers.    Vadotex suppliers are constantly screened for:

  • Good communication;
  • Supply reliability;
  • Provision of market information.

How to become

 Vadotex wants to gradually build up its relationship with suppliers step by step. Vadotex will place a number of trial orders. This will show us how a supplier deals with an order, how he communicates, how quickly the goods are sent out and how he abides by agreements made. This also gives the supplier the opportunity to test the collaboration with Vadotex. We will go through the following steps when entering into a new relationship: 

To start with, we would like to receive an introductory letter with an extensive corporate profile of the potential supplier.
We will send out more information on Vadotex once we are in receipt of this introductory letter. This will include detailed information on how we view collaborations and what a supplier needs to satisfy.
We would subsequently like to receive samples of articles which are currently in production and goods which have recently been sent out. Our internal quality control department will investigate the product quality, among other things. These samples are provided at the expense of the manufacturer.
We will provide the potential supplier with our buying guide once these samples have undergone a positive evaluation. The Vadotex buying guide contains all our requirements in relation to the minimum product quality levels, organisational aspects, deliveries, communication, etc. This buying guide needs to be signed in agreement and returned.
The Vadotex buyer will visit the potential supplier’s factory and/or offices once it is in receipt of the signed buying guide. If we come away with a positive impression, the potential supplier will be granted access to the Vadotex supplier centre, where he can view our enquiries and various different market reports.
And lastly we will order a number of collection samples and if they are well received, we will place some trial orders.
If everything runs smoothly, we will gradually start increasing the order volume.

Please keep in mind that we are not looking for a one-order-deal, but a long term relationship. We are therefore very particular in who we do business with. Do you fit this profile? Then send an email to; buying(@) and tell us why we should build up a longterm relationship.

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