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Seven Advantages

The main reasons why customers choose Vadotex:
Affordable range
Direct import and good long-lasting relationships with manufacturers result in being able to offer you the best product at the best price. Vadotex purchases worldwide, direct from carefully screened manufacturers. We also ensure that costs throughout the entire supply-chain are kept as low as possible. By doing so, we allow our custoumers excellent margins with Vadotex items while they still remaqin affordable for the end-consumer.
At all times does Vadotex keep plenty of stock. Your stock is in our warehouse. With our 24-hour delivery-service, you will always have plenty of items. Because you can order per piece, you don`t run any risk and costs of being over-stocked!
 Good quality
Quality is top priority for Vadotex. We pay attention to every detail. At any stage of the production-process, quality is meticulously checked. With an experience of over 30 years, we know how a garment should be manufactured. The only way you can feel confident and impress your customer with quality-garments!
 Fast delivery
Being able to react fast to markettrends is crucial in these "fast" times. We strive to deliver within 24 hours to our Dutch and Belgian clientele. Orders placed before 13.00 hours will be delivered the next day by our reliable transport partners. Do you want delivery on any other specific day? Also that is possible with our advanced orderingsystem.
Good service
Vadotex wants to be thé partner for its customers. We’ll do anything to achieve that. And we are happy willing to answer all your questions. Our employees perform their duties with passion! We can be reached by phone on weekdays from 08:30 - 17:00 hrs; by chat on the website even before and after these hours and by email or the contactform on te website 24/24, 7 days a week. Do you miss a product? Or do you have an idea? Talk to us; We love tot listen to the trade specialist. Would you rather prefer a personal visit? We are more than happy to visit you at a time that fits you!
Clear selection
Vadotex supplies night- and homewear for the whole family. Our eight brands each stand for a clear defined targetgroup and each has a distinct style. Our assortment is monthly updated with new articles. Look regularly on our website! or register for our newsletter.
CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility was already in our genes before the word was ever invented ..... For us it means RESPECT. Respect for our manufacturers and their employees, respect for nature so that our children will still be able to enjoy it as well, and, ofcourse, respect for you as a customer. Not arrogance but genuine partnership combined with smart entrepeneurship; that is what we believe in. That is why we cooperate with sheltered workshops for pick- & pack tasks, that is also why we use recycled boxes to ship goods and that is why we send documents through email so we save on paper. Last but not least, we make sure that our manufacturers comply with national and international laws. Under no circumstances will we allow Child- or Forced-labor!