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The right product at the bright time at the right place and at the right price

At Vadotex the fashionretailer is at the right place for night- and homewear. Vadotex innovates continuously, based on a foundation of quality, not only for deliveries, but also for services and processes. Thanks to our employees, we succeed agian and again.

From the very beginning of Vadotex, we specialize in procurement and production of clothing in Europe and Asia. It's this what separates us from other garmentimporters. Over the years, we have developed quite a large network in these countries with manufacturers, purchasing agents, testing laboratories and logistics service providers alike. Nowadays it has become very easy to establish a direct contact with a supplier. But when it comes to production, quality control, shipping on time, logistics, colorswatches, labdips and tradefinance, it takes a lot of knowledge and experience to get a proper product delivered to you. We have the knowledge, people and time to ensure that you get the right product at the right place at the right time ánd at the right price.

Market knowledge and innovation

Our extensive network of suppliers in Europe and Asia means we have a wealth of market information at our disposal.  We know exactly which products sell well – and you can benefit from this too. Vadotex continuously invests in product development, styling and service.  We concentrate on our customers’ customers.  This is exactly why we are constantly offering market focussed, innovative, fashionable concepts.

Trend conscious and involved 

Our employees are passionate, trend conscious and involved.  They realise that, in addition to their own knowledge and insight, a complete focus on the customer’s requirements is of crucial importance. The individual development of every employee is important to Vadotex.  This strengthens the team – a team with a strongly developed we-feeling.  Personal involvement, independence and responsibility all contribute to the Vadotex employees enjoying coming to work.

Efficient long term relationships 

Vadotex aims for long term relationships with both customers and suppliers.  We proactively advise our customers regarding new fashion trends, clothing concepts and separate articles.  And should any opportunities arise in the market, we will quickly and efficiently use our network. Vadotex suppliers are in good hands as well:  we qim for longterm relationships build on open communication and trust. Even when we are not doing business with our supplier at a specific point in time, we will still maintain contact.