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Why Vadotex

Vadotex is an international clothing company with for more than 25 years of experience in the fashion industry and in international sourcing . We are a competent, no-nonsense fashion company , which doesn’t sell "air" but a strong market-oriented productrange at a fair price . Vadotex is constantly looking for new ideas and relationships to support its customers as a dynamic results-oriented company. Our service goes beyond offering a strong product:
• International understanding of the apparel market and current trends. Knowledge and resources to develop a product with a good price / quality ratio. (Our customers benefit from our network and our experience. VDX knows better which products sell well and which don't. Because we are in continuous contact with many customers and suppliers.
• VDX has an extensive portfolio of brands for a wide variety of clientgroups.
• Internal styling department that develops a continuous stream of new products (collections / concepts) for all clientgroups; responding to the needs of today's consumers .
• Short lines of communication between different departments ánd with external, extensively screened supplier, so that new trends canquickly be translated into ready -made items and concepts .
• Comprehensive logistics knowledge and control of the entire logistics chain from the factory to the individual store.
• At every stage of the process; from the first sample to the receipt of a full containerload, we check the productquality extensively.


  • Vadotex is an international clothing company with over 25 years of experience in the fashion industry.  Our extensive network of customers and suppliers in Europe and Asia means we have a wealth of market information at our disposal where home- & sleepwear is concerned.  We know exactly which products sell well – and you can benefit from this too.


  • Vadotex has an extensive portfolio of brands at its disposal, focussed on various different target groups.  This allows you to achieve excellent results.  Our styling department develops a constant flow of innovative concepts, collections and articles for every brand, tuned to the exact wishes and requirements of the modern, demanding consumer.
  • Vadotex sells its strongly market focussed products at honest prices.  We know exactly how we need to turn the available knowledge and means into products which are up to date and which have an excellent price-quality relationship.


  • Short internal and external communication lines and screened suppliers ensure the latest trends are quickly turned into ready made concepts and articles which are perfectly tuned to each other.
  • Vadotex has extensive logistical know-how at its disposal.  The complete logistical project – from the factory right to your branches – runs like a well oiled machine.  And absolutely everything is possible:  from orders on demand to deliveries from stock and extra deliveries, from just one box per article to 500.000 items.  Flexibility guaranteed.


  • Vadotex guarantees the quality of its products.  We carry out constant, strict quality checks during every phase of the order – from the first sample to the complete ready made series – in accordance with predetermined quality standards.  The Vadotex sales agents are supported by the internal quality control department during these activities.  The confection method, colouring, material applications, numbers, sizes and delivery times – a close eye is kept on absolutely everything.