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All Vadotex-garments are made without child labour!Published: 15 November 2013

Working conditions in production countries in general and child labour in particular have had special media attention for years. And rightly so! In our thirty years of experience we have seen many difficult situations. Vadotex has never, even before child labour in developing countries was a theme, worked with suppliers who did not comply with the law. Mainly because these suppliers did not understood their profession neither and were compensating this by exploiting children (and adults). We believed (and believe) in smart enterprise and proper planning; child labour is completely unnecessary.

Vadotex therefore requires all its partners that they are aware of local labour laws and live by it. Each of our partners has to confirm this by a signed statement. Furthermore, each facility will be inspected by our own local inspectors; not only for the quality of our products, but also on compliance with laws and regulations, including anti child labour regulations.